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  • Interprofessionalism: Jargon vs Practice

    Peruse articles on the future of health care, and you're likely to read plenty of references to "interprofessionalism" and how it will become central to effective delivery.

    But have we agreed on what the word means? And if we can manage to agree on a definition, do we know how to apply it to real-world situations?

    Panelists at this year's Rothstein Roundtable at the APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition will investigate some of the current thinking around interprofessionalism and its implementation in physical therapy in a session titled "Interprofessionalism: Is It Campfire Kumbaya, or the Means to the Triple Aim (Better Health, Better Care, Lower Cost)?" The conversation will focus on successful interprofessional models and how they might be generalized into physical therapist practice, and will address how interprofessionalism can be infused in education.

    The session will be held from 3:00pm – 4:30 pm Friday, June 13 as part of NEXT activities in Charlotte, North Carolina. Moderator is Anthony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA, with panelists Aaron Friedman, MD, Mary Knab, PT, DPT, PhD, and Holly Wise, PT.

    NEXT evolved from the meeting formerly known as the Annual Conference and Exhibition. Though the focus and tone of NEXT will be on what's ahead for the profession, the event will also feature many of the popular elements of past annual conferences including the McMillan and Maley lectures and the Oxford Debate. As with past annual conferences, NEXT will occur immediately after APTA's House of Delegates. Registration and housing information can be found on the NEXT webpage along with a schedule of presentations and preconference sessions.

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