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  • Party Like It's 2014: Virtual NEXT Offers Viewing Party Option

    What happens in Charlotte isn't staying in Charlotte.

    APTA's upcoming NEXT Conference and Exposition to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 11 – 14 will have an online version—Virtual NEXT 2014—that will allow members to participate in this cutting-edge conference from their home or office.

    Participating in Virtual NEXT doesn't have to be lonely endeavor, though. APTA is encouraging members to host viewing parties as a way to enhance the experience through networking and local discussion groups. Members need to register, and will then have direct access to NEXT so that they can stream events in a large room. Multiple attendees can participate for the price of one; however, only registered participants will receive a CEU certificate. More information about requirements and responsibilities is available at the viewing party website.

    The Virtual NEXT online learning environment offers session handouts, a chat function to post questions to speakers, and a Virtual Poster Hall featuring the 10 highest-rated scientific posters on display at the NEXT Conference in Charlotte.

    Virtual NEXT will also feature APTA’s signature Mary McMillan and John H.P. Maley lectures on demand. Eight educational sessions will also be archived for on-demand viewing, 7 of which will be livestreamed June 13-14. Session information can be found at the Virtual NEXT webpage.

    Organize a viewing party in your area! Party organizers should contact the Professional Development Department or call 800/999-2782, ext 3206, to participate.

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