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  • PTNow Blog: Since When Is Patient Education Not Physical Therapy?

    According to recent stories in major media outlets, physical therapy "may not help whiplash pain" or may be no more effective than "just one exercise education session." According to the latest blog post in PTNow, recent stories are missing the point.

    "It's not that physical therapy isn't valuable for treating … whiplash," the blog states. "It's that one type of physical therapy intervention (patient education, according to this study) may be just as beneficial and more cost-effective than others."

    The blog also includes thoughts from the lead author of the article that generated so much interest. Zoe Michaleff, PhD, warns that her findings "should not be interpreted as encouragement to abandon exercise or physiotherapy in these patients." Instead, she says, the report should make physical therapists think about the role of patient education in their practices.

    What's your take on patient education? Check out the PTNow blog and join the discussion.


    • How can we evaluate the effectiveness of PT as an intervention on a condition that has no definition?

      Posted by Bruce Wilk on 5/1/2014 6:36 PM

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