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  • MoveForwardPT.com Adds ‘Inspired’ Resources

    Enhancing a kid's mental and physical development can be child's play—literally.

    Parents looking for fun, easy-to-implement play activities that can help their children develop can now find them at MoveForwardPT.com thanks to a new partnership with The Inspired Treehouse, a collaborative venture founded by a pediatric physical therapist (PT) and 2 occupational therapists.

    In a recent Move Forward Radio podcast, Lauren Drobnjak, PT, Pram Braley, OT, and Claire Hefferon, OT, describe how they developed ideas for inexpensive activities that parents can use to enhance their child’s physical and mental development.

    "The 3 of us work in a school district with families who have significant economic and health care disparities," Hefferon said. “We wanted to sort of use The Inspired Treehouse as a way to archive and organize all of our activity ideas for kids. We have them in files sitting around in our house and we thought this would be a fun way to get it out there to more people.”

    MoveForwardPT.com, APTA’s official consumer information website, will feature selected content from The Inspired Treehouse in a section called "Activities to Promote Development in Children," which is among the many resources provided in its Health Center for Children.

    Help raise awareness of the benefits of physical therapy by sharing MoveForwardPT.com resources with your patients and clients. Link to resources from your website, share them on social media, or print them for use in your clinic.

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