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  • New PT in Motion to be Revealed June 1

    In just 2 weeks, APTA members will receive the premier issue of the redesigned PT in Motion magazine.

    Both the appearance and the content have been updated to make it more lively, readable, and valuable. Articles will be crisper, with additional resources and tools to enhance physical therapy practice and activities. The first issue of the redesigned magazine will feature evidence-based practice in outpatient settings and a look at PTNow, APTA’s clinical practice website.

    As for PT in Motion’s departments and columns, you’ll find some—such as the former “This is Why” (now titled “Defining Moment”)—expanded to better tell the stories of physical therapists. Others are being tightened up and supplemented with extra resources that allow readers to follow up on suggestions and guidance.

    Coming soon: enhanced integration of PT in Motion with other APTA websites and social media, all designed to give you the information you want in the ways you want it. Stay tuned!

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