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  • Apple Announces System to Coordinate Health Apps

    Apple has announced that a new suite of in-device software coming to its next operating system (iOS8) will allow users' health data to be coordinated between separate health-related apps, making it possible to create a customizable health data dashboard that could be shared with health care providers. Called "HealthKit," the new system was unveiled on June 2 at Apple's Worldwide Developers' Conference.

    Currently, health-related apps such as Fitbit, Nike Run, and iBP Blood Pressure capture specific data that can only be accessed through that particular app, creating information silos that can make it difficult for consumers to get a more wholistic picture of their health. According to an article in Macworld, the HealthKit system, through its outward-facing Health app, "is designed to give users a big-picture look at their entire health profile: exercise, sleep, eating, and even metrics like blood pressure and glucose levels."

    Nike, Fitbit, and iHealth will be among the first apps to be integrated into Health. Apple also announced a partnership with the Mayo Clinic to develop an app that evaluates individual patient metrics that in turn can be shared with a health care provider—or prompt the health care provider to contact the patient directly.

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