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  • PTs' Role in Joint Pain Management Highlighted in Letter to Editor

    A recent Harvard Medical School newsletter article on nonsurgical approaches to joint pain came up short on information about the physical therapist's (PT) role, and APTA weighed in to provide a more complete picture.

    The association released a letter to the editor responding to a May 29 healthbeat newsletter article titled "4 ways to put off joint replacement." The article listed weight loss, proper joint use, injections of steroids or other compounds, and pain reduction through NSAIDS, but made no mention of the ways in which a PT can help.

    "Your readers would have benefited by knowing that physical therapist services can provide a conservative, cost-effective, and evidence-based alternative for those affected by joint pain," writes letter author Emilio Rouco, APTA's director of public and media relations.

    Rouco continues by highlighting the ways PTs can increase strength, endurance, and function; how PTs can help patients manage pain; and the approaches PTs can use to prepare a patient for joint replacement surgery if nonsurgical approaches aren't working, as well as help the patient recover afterwards. "Physical therapists, who are experts in restoring and improving motion in people's lives, can help patients avoid surgery and its risk of complications in many instances," he writes on behalf of APTA.


    • Great catch and great response, but once again, no mention of a PT/PTA team approach in the rehab setting. Sometimes I just kick myself for my continued support and devotion to an organization that does little to nothing to promote my contribution to the profession or effectiveness in patient care. The letters about how wonderful and needed we are roll in hot and steady at renewal time, but I rarely if ever see that praise appear in high profile media stories. I'll add this to my "reasons to not renew membership list" which is quickly growing longer than the "reasons to renew membership list."

      Posted by Beverly Flynn on 6/6/2014 7:08 PM

    • Thank you for enlightening Harvard Medical School on the importance of physical therapy and it's impact on treatment of joint pain.

      Posted by Edie Watson on 6/6/2014 10:31 PM

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