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  • Log 'N Blog: Get Happy—and Help Physical Therapy

    Want to feel good about yourself? Add up all those miles you ran, or biked, or swam, or hours you worked out since February. Whoa, kind of impressive, right?

    Want to feel really good about yourself? Help physical therapy research by documenting those activities in the Foundation for Physical Therapy's Log 'N Blog campaign.

    And yes, there's still time. But not much.

    July 31 is the deadline to join the Foundation for Physical Therapy's "Log 'N Blog" initiative, the physical therapy student-led fundraiser in which teams and individuals compete by tracking their fitness activities. Proceeds from Log 'N Blog are used to support physical therapy research.

    And this year, there's good news for those arriving late to the competition: no matter when you sign up, you can log any activity that began after February 1. After the contest closes at the end of July, recognition will be given to the teams and individuals with the most miles and activity hours.

    Visit the Log 'N Blog website to sign up and check out the competition.

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