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  • Skilled Maintenance Resource Dispels Myths About Coverage

    A new resource at APTA.org helps to dispel some of the myths around skilled maintenance therapy, and provides physical therapists (PTs) with information that can help them better understand documentation, billing, and other issues brought to light in the recent Jimmo v Sebelius settlement.

    The APTA Skilled Maintenance webpage states that "There has been a longstanding myth that Medicare does not cover services to maintain or manage a beneficiary's current condition when no functional improvement is possible." Getting past that myth is only the first step, however, and the webpage includes detailed information on Medicare regulations and practice applications.

    In addition to the Medicare and practice resources, the webpage includes information on the Jimmo v Sebelius settlement, legislative and regulatory activity, and a link to a webinar on defining skilled maintenance therapy and minimizing denials.

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