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  • Cell Transplant Procedure Repairs Severed Spinal Cord

    A Bulgarian man whose spinal cord was completely severed has regained limited mobility and feeling in his lower extremities after a surgical procedure that used nerve-supporting cells taken from his nose. Once completely paralyzed in both legs, he can now walk with a walker and drive a car.

    According to an article in the Guardian, Darek Fidyka is believed to be the first person to recover from a complete severing of the spinal cord, an injury he sustained in a knife attack in 2010.

    Polish surgeons accomplished the recovery by transplanting olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) from Fidyka's nose into the severed ends of his spinal cord. The cells connected and allowed nerve impulses to once again travel through the entire spinal cord. The technique was developed by the University College of London's Institute of Neurology.

    Although Fidyka's recovery is not complete, 1 of the authors of a study on the procedure published in Cell Transplantation described the technique as one that "opened the door to a treatment of spinal cord injury which will get patients out of wheelchairs," according to an article in the Washington Post.


    • This is indeed grounds breaking, but not surprising. It was time this technology to be attempted. It's exciting to have this science of nerve cell connectivity in a severed spinal cord available to us. I'm proud to be a part of this turning point. There's more to this article per the news report, that could be included here.

      Posted by PRAGYA JALUKAR on 10/24/2014 4:39 PM

    • Please send all the information about this procedure to me.

      Posted by Anthony Jess on 5/29/2018 8:26 PM

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