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  • PTNow Blog: Good Research Needs More Than Good Stats

    In the latest PTNow Blog, a self-described "research geek" says that when it comes to evaluating research results, it's time for rehabilitation clinicians to move toward a nuanced approach that takes things such as confidence intervals, effect sizes, and clinical judgment into account.

    A clinical commentary authored by Phil Page, PT, PdD, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, is the subject of the new post, which describes Page's efforts to bring attention to so-called "magnitude-based inferences" that rely less on a simple black-or-white analysis of statistical significance, and more on an evaluative process that factors in whether and how that intervention will benefit the patient in a meaningful way.

    Along the way, the blog reports, Page also encourages physical therapists to take little for granted and never assume that research is good simply because it appears in a respected journal.

    Check out the blog, follow the link to Page's article, and join the conversation.

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