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  • How Did You Celebrate National Physical Therapy Month

    What did you do for National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM) this year? Time to share it with the world!

    Whether you participated in the "7 Myths" campaign or created your own ways to honor the profession, APTA would like to know. Share your NPTM 2014 celebration images and descriptions by using the #PTmonth hashtag on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or by e-mailing us at public-relations@apta.org.


    • At Chesterton Physical therapy as a Practice representative it was my responsibility to be proactive and aware people how Physical therapy can help them in their life. I did events like PT cancer awareness where I talked to patients about how PT is helping cancer patients in their tough time. I came up with small handout so that they can go through and let their family, friend know how we can help. We celebrated American Heart day in our location where we all worn Red to support American Heart Association and sending out a message to people how PT can help Heart patients where I came up with fliers and articles to handout to the patients, which was followed by Halloween celebration. Apart from that I had handouts to the patients for them to read and pass on them to the community and their family members. Along with all the activities I had put health food for the patients to enjoy while they are listening to me or reading the articles. All the articles have been sent to the local Community newspaper (Chesterton Tribune) to be published.

      Posted by Himanshu Ganjoo on 11/3/2014 11:42 AM

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