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  • 'Game Changing' New Devices Include Gait, Pressure Wound Monitoring Systems

    Never mind the latest iPhone 6—how about an insole than can gather and transmit motion data, or a monitoring system that can provide detailed assessments of wounds to help thwart the development of wounds?

    Recently, Medscape published a list of 15 "game changing" wireless health technology devices selected by cardiac electrophysiologist David Lee Scher, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine at Penn State University, director of a digital health consulting firm, and chairman of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Mobile Health Roadmap Task Force. While cardiac, records, and medications monitors made up much of the list, Scher also included 2 devices that could be of special interest to physical therapists and physical therapist assistants—"WoundRounds" and "Moticon."

    WoundRounds combines a special app with a dedicated device that allows providers to record the state of a wound over time, and share that information with other providers. Though intended for use in facilities, the device and app can also be used in home care settings.

    Moticon is a removable device that its developers describe as the world's "first integrated sensor insole." Once slipped into a wearer's shoe, Moticon wirelessly transmits data on gait to a special smartphone app and, according to Scher, could even help providers track when a patient is experiencing a growing risk for falls.

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