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  • Do-Over: Check Out PT in Motion Magazine's Most-Read Articles From 2017

    PT in Motion, APTA's award-winning member magazine, offered up another year of stellar articles relevant to the physical therapy profession in 2017. And it just so happens that January is when the magazine takes a 1-month break. So while PT in Motion gears up for 2018, why not catch up on what you may have missed from last year?

    Here are some of the year's most-read PT in Motion stories, arranged by shared themes.

    Explorations of the ways the physical therapy profession is expanding its reach
    In 2017, PT in Motion ran highly popular pieces on how physical therapists (PTs) are getting the word out on the profession's role in concussion management, as well as the ways PTs treat patients during and after pregnancy. The magazine also looked at opportunities for PTs in employer self-insurance programs and delivered a fascinating article on physical therapy and chronic fatigue syndrome that includes interviews with PTs who are themselves battling the condition.

    Features on PTs and PTAs letting their creativity shine
    Other popular articles looked at how PTs and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) created their own solutions, including within their own career paths. An August article on "inventional thinking" introduced readers to several PTs who became inventors to fill in gaps in rehabilitation, while "Physical Therapy by Design" in the October issue featured PTs who have redesigned their clinics, both big and small. Earlier in the year, PT in Motion looked at how creativity, passion, and bravery intersected to spur several individuals to make dramatic career changes to become a PTA.

    Perspectives on how to survive (and thrive) in the profession
    PT in Motion also regularly offers practical information that help readers navigate their day-to-day lives. In 2017, popular articles included a primer on the revised Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set, as well as insight on documentation in the new 3-tiered system. The magazine also looked at the importance of financial literacy for new DPT grads who often face significant education-related debt.

    Printed editions of PT in Motion magazine are mailed to all members who have not opted out; digital versions are available online to members.

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