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  • Coronavirus Update: March 27, 2020

    A Medicare payment increase, PT telehealth for UnitedHealthcare, APTA tracks telehealth payment changes, and more.

    Practice Guidance

    March 27: COVID Stimulus Package Includes Payment Increase, Opens Telehealth Possibility
    An increase to Medicare payment, temporary relief for some student loans, the potential expansion of telehealth allowances, and help for small businesses are among the provisions that are especially relevant for physical therapy.

    March 27: UnitedHealthcare Allows Telehealth for Physical Therapy
    UnitedHealthcare, the country's largest commercial health insurer, announced a major shift in its coverage policies during the COVID-19 pandemic: Beginning immediately, the payer will reimburse physical therapy delivered via telehealth services. The change is the most wide-ranging payer acknowledgement of PTs as qualified telehealth providers to date, and it moves UHC well past CMS' and a few other payers’ current waivers allowing for limited "e-visit" digital communications between PTs and patients.

    March 27: Charts From APTA Track Payer, Government PT Telehealth Policies
    Now available from APTA: a regularly updated set of resources that track payment and regulatory policies related to the provision of telehealth by PTs.

    March 30, 3 pm: APTA Hosts Facebook Live Event, "Implementing Telehealth in Your Practice STAT"
    APTA will host a Facebook Live version of its sold-out March 26 webinar that featured a panel discussion with experienced telehealth PTs providing insight on how they implement telehealth in their practices.

    From CDC

    March 25: CDC Releases PPE "Burn Rate Calculator"
    A new app helps providers calculate the rate at which PPE will be used in their facilities.

    In the Media

    March 27: What's Inside the Senate’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Aid Package
    From National Public Radio: a breakdown of the six main groups that will receive relief through the stimulus.

    Visit APTA's Coronavirus webpage for more information and updates.


    • Could the APTA clearly outline: 1. how to get started with telehealth 2. what insurance companies allow telehealth so we don't have to call each insurance company and keep patients hanging. (for each state) 3. let us know if we can continue to see Medicare patients, not only for the e-visit but also to progress them with exercises and education and work with them for 30 min to one hour.

      Posted by Nina Jackson on 3/30/2020 1:12 PM

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