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  • New APTA Public Awareness Video Features Adaptive Surfing Champion PT Dani Burt

    2018 - 10 - 26 - Dani Burt

    APTA member Dani Burt, PT, DPT, has a knack for turning inspiration into…more inspiration. Now a new APTA video helps to tell her story to the public.

    As a teenager, Burt underwent an above-knee amputation as a result of injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. During her recovery, she became inspired by the physical therapists (PTs) who worked with her and channeled that inspiration into the pursuit of her own career in physical therapy.

    But that wasn't all: Burt's wholehearted embrace of the profession's emphasis on movement helped her to push herself as a surfer, ultimately earning Burt the title of World Adaptive Surfing Champion. These days, Burt hopes that her work as both a physical therapist and an adaptive sports champion will inspire others who face recovery challenges.

    The short video from APTA follows Burt as she prepares for a session in the surf, and then tracks her as she rides the waves, with Burt saying that "the reality is that we're all healthier and happier when we move." You can find the video at MoveForwardPT.com, APTA's official consumer information website, which also offers a podcast featuring Burt. The video is also available on MoveForwardPT’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


    Dani Burt's video is part of an ongoing series from APTA demonstrating the benefits of physical therapy through personal stories. Be sure to check out videos on Charlie Plaskon, a triathelete who, in addition to being blind, worked through back pain with the help of physical therapy; Joanna Lohman, a professional soccer player, who credits physical therapy with helping her regain her identity after a knee injury; and Adrianne Haslett, a survivor of the Boston Marathon bombings who was able to pursue her love of dancing and run the Boston Marathon herself thanks to physical therapy.

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