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  • APTA's TKA Guidelines: Your Comments Needed by January 3

    APTA is developing a new clinical practice guideline (CPG) on total knee arthroplasty (TKA) and your help is needed.

    The CPG is now in the public review phase of its development, and APTA is asking for public comment. But hurry—deadline for comments is January 3, 2020.

    Funded entirely by APTA, the draft CPG covers topics ranging from preoperative exercise to physical therapy discharge planning and assessment of outcomes. The resource was developed by a volunteer development group that included member expert PTs from many of the Academies, an orthopedic surgeon, a nurse, and a consumer, and was based on systematic reviews of current scientific and clinical information related to the PT management of TKA.

    APTA has created a webpage that links to the CPG and allows visitors to provide comments.

    The Good Stuff: Members and the Profession in the Media, December 2019

    "The Good Stuff" is an occasional series that highlights recent media coverage of physical therapy and APTA members, with an emphasis on good news and stories of how individual PTs and PTAs are transforming health care and society every day. Enjoy!

    Making inclusion happen: Kendra Gagnon, PT, PhD, describes the philosophy behind "Harness School Café," a project that outfitted a school lunchroom with adaptive resources for students with disabilities. (KHSB 41 News, Kansas City, Missouri)

    Ho Ho Ow: Julie Lombardo, PT, DPT, offers tips on avoiding injury during holiday shopping and decorating. (channel3000.com)

    Tackling a career as a PT: Former Denver Broncos safety David Bruton Jr, SPT, has set his sights on earing his DPT at the University of Colorado. (9News, Denver)

    Physical therapy as part of the high school athlete's routine: Evan Chait, PT, discusses the advantages of physical therapy as an ongoing component of a high school athlete's training regimen. (Fox5 News, New York)

    Patelling it like it is: Kristi Fata, PT, DPT, says that with proper precautions, it's possible to continue running while experiencing runner's knee. (yahoo! Lifestyle)

    Go for your guns: Theresa Marko, PT, DPT, MS; Kellen Scantlebury, PT; and Nina Geromel, PT, DPT, ATC, discuss the effects of massage and the effectiveness of home massage guns.(Nutritious Life)

    Getting along swimmingly with a sprain: Margaret Conze, PT, MPT, provides her perspective on the advisability of swimming with a sprained ankle. (US Masters Swimming newsletter)

    Don't blow your big chance in snow business: Lori Thein Brody, PT, PhD, talks about safe ways to shovel snow. (Wisconsin public radio)

    Blood flow restriction therapy: Paula Shulthiess, PT, DPT, shares her thoughts on blood flow restriction therapy now being used in a West Virginia hospital center. (WBOY 12 News, Clarksburg, West Virginia)

    A PT's ankle on recovery: Rachel Tavel, PT, DPT, outlines ways to counter ankle pain. (Men's Health)

    Improving rheumatology: Robert Richardson, PT, MEd, FAPTA; Maura Daly Iveren, PT, DPT, SC, MPH, FAPTA; and Meredith Christiansen, PT, DPT, were among the winners of this year's Association of Rheumatology Merit Awards. (ARP newsletter)

    Quotable: "Unlike expensive new drugs…exercise can reduce costs in the health care system. For these reasons, it’s time for physicians, nurses, and health care organization systems to make their own new year’s resolution — to prioritize exercise as an intervention they prescribe to their patients." – health care writer Sachin Jain, on Encore Wellness, a program that emphasizes exercise as medicine. (Forbes magazine)

    Got some good stuff? Let us know. Send a link to troyelliott@apta.org.