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  • Summary on Collaborative Osteoarthritis Project Now Available

    State of the Science in the Prevention and Management of Osteoarthritis, the summary of a collaborative project on osteoarthritis (OA) that included experts in physical therapy, nursing, epidemiology, rheumatology, public policy, geriatrics, pharmacotherapy, and complementary modalities, is available in this month's American Journal of Nursing (AJN). 

    In July 2011, association members Carol Oatis, PT, PhD, and Maura Iversen, PT, DPT, MPH, ScD, and Anita Bemis-Dougherty, PT, DPT, MAS, of APTA's Department of Clinical Practice, represented the US Bone and Joint Initiative at a symposium hosted by AJN, the Hospital for Special Surgery, and the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses to recommended ways in which nurses could take on greater leadership roles in research, policy, education, and clinical practice for the early diagnosis and management of OA.

    The objectives of the symposium were to:

    • Identify gaps in the science and barriers to the early identification of OA and the implementation of interventions that promote mobility, decrease pain, and slow progression.
    • Describe the state of the science of current interventions for preventing immobility and managing the effects of OA.
    • Achieve consensus on the priorities for developing the best nursing practices—in the clinical, educational, research, and policy arenas—in order to meet the needs of diverse populations with OA in a variety of settings. 
    • Disseminate the analysis and recommendations to clinicians, nurse leaders, educators, researchers, specialty nursing organizations, other health care professionals, policymakers, consumer advocacy groups, and the general public.

    Five main themes emerged from the symposium that address the burden of OA, the need for national initiatives to raise awareness of OA, assessment of  risk and progression of OA, interventions that relieve symptoms and minimize disease progression, and support for self-management as an aspect of OA treatment.