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  • APTA Educates Insurers, Policymakers About PT Services in Insurance Plans

    This week, APTA issued a press release to insurance companies, third-party payers, employer groups, benefit managers, human resource professionals, self-insurers, and policymakers on the association's recently adopted Physical Therapy Model Benefit Plan (MBP) Design.   

    APTA's MBP includes a description of the role and value of physical therapists (PT) in health care that emphasizes the use of evidence in reducing disability and clinical costs, guiding principles for access to physical therapists, the role of medical necessity in decision making, the coverage of physical therapy benefits, and appropriate cost-sharing provisions. Physical therapists can use MBP to advocate for appropriate access to and coverage of physical therapist services.

    An APTA podcast provides an overview and background information on MBP.

    APTA Honors Military PTs at Annual Ceremony

    Yesterday, APTA participated in a panel discussion for service members during Iron Majors week, an annual event to honor the best physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists, physician assistants, and dietitians in the Army Medical Specialists Corps (AMSC). The honored members come to Washington, DC, every March for an awards presentation and a week of educational programming. This is the third consecutive year that APTA has participated in Iron Majors week, and the second year that it has been invited to participate in a panel. The panel of the 4 professions, which make up AMSC, discussed the work and strategies of their respective organizations, specifically how each organization advances issues of importance to their military membership. 

    A March 2 podcast outlines APTA's current efforts on behalf of veterans and members of the armed services as part of the Joining Forces Initiative. For additional background, a July 2011 podcast recaps the progress APTA made with Veterans Affairs in securing new qualification standards for PTs and collaborating with the physical therapy discipline lead position.

    Editor's Note: This article was updated at 2:30 pm to reflect the correct name of the Army Medical Specialists Corps.