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  • Humana Completing MPPR Refunds, Delays Policy Implementation

    The Humana health insurance corporation has nearly completed processing refunds owed to practitioners who were incorrectly billed during an "overpayment recovery" process last year. The overpayments were part of Humana's attempt to implement the multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR) policy retroactively, and the problems have contributed to a Humana decision to hold off on full MPPR implementation until the system can run more smoothly.

    Last summer, APTA raised questions about the accuracy of the overpayment calculations and concerns about the administrative burden of the overpayment recovery process on physical therapist (PT) practices, among other issues. As a result of those efforts, Humana temporarily ceased application of the MPPR policy in December 2013 to focus on correcting their payment logic and refunding inappropriate overpayment recoveries.

    Humana will delay MPPR implementation until the policy can be applied accurately and timely during initial claims processing. Humana representatives acknowledged that application of the MPPR policy is complex, and the overpayment recovery application of the policy caused unnecessary burden for PTs. The company is testing application of the MPPR policy and anticipates making an announcement about startup of the MPPR policy on initial claims in the near future.

    Humana will notify APTA in advance of the implementation date, and APTA will update members in a future News Now story.

    Feedback Needed on Draft Manual for Residency and Fellowship Education

    APTA members have an opportunity to provide input on a new resource for physical therapist residency and fellowship education.

    The American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) is seeking feedback on a just-released draft of the Mentoring Resource Manual, an 18-page document that defines mentoring, discusses aspects of effective mentoring, and addresses use of technology. The manual and feedback survey can be accessed online. Comments must be submitted by March 30, 2014.

    Note: Cookies must be enabled, and if survey participants don’t finish commenting in 1 session they must use the same browser on the same computer to resume where they left off; otherwise, clicking on the link will start a new survey.