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  • From PT in Motion Magazine: 50 Years of PTAs

    Turns out 1969 wasn't all Woodstock and moonwalks: the year was also an important date for what has become a crucial part of the physical therapy profession—the physical therapist assistant (PTA).

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first graduates of PTA education programs. To honor that milestone, PT in Motion magazine offers a history of the PTA that highlights the challenges, struggles, and ultimate victories that have shaped an increasingly important career pathway.

    The article explores the evolution of the PTA concept, from the first discussions of a possible need for the designation in the early 1960s to its current status as a licensed profession. Along the way, author Michele Wojciechowski shares the efforts of PTAs to have a voice at the APTA table, strengthen and refine PTA education programs, and flex their advocacy muscle. The bottom line: it's been 1 giant leap for PTA-kind.

    "Celebrating a Milestone: 50 Years of PTAs" is featured in the May issue of PT in Motion magazine and is open to all viewers—pass it along to nonmember colleagues to show them 1 of the benefits of belonging to APTA. Also open to all: "Rewiring the Brain to Ease Chronic Pain," a look at how PTs are helping to lead the way in new strategies for treating pain.