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  • APTA to Livestream 2013 House of Delegates

    For the first time, all APTA members can "sit in" on the House of Delegates—part of the association's efforts to increase awareness of how professional policies are created. APTA will broadcast the 2013 House of Delegates (House) live online for APTA members, June 24-26.

    Members can view the broadcast from APTA's livestream page, which will also host the broadcast of APTA's pre-House Board of Directors (Board) meeting on June 22.

    Although APTA has livestreamed the past 3 Board meetings, this is the first broadcast of the House. It's another step toward improving members' access to the association and its leadership, which this spring made 2013 House motions public for the first time and created comment areas to encourage discussion.

    Broadcast times for the livestreamed events can be found at www.apta.org/Livestream. Archives of these broadcasts will be available for members until July 27.

    In advance of the House, APTA members are encouraged to review the 2013 motions and provide feedback to their delegates.

    WCPT Participates in World Health Assembly

    WCPT representatives from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) were in Geneva last month at the World Health Assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO) that meets annually. Not only did WCPT participate in discussions on disability during the main assembly, the representatives were also involved in the launch of the World Health Professions Alliance statement on collaborative practice and met with the WHO Disability and Rehabilitation Team and its partner organizations.

    "A global shortage of physical therapists and other rehabilitation professions is affecting access to health services to people with disabilities," said WCPT in a statement to the World Health Assembly on May 22.

    As statements of good intentions on improving access evolve into global action plans, WCPT said it will continue to do all it can to raise our profession’s profile with the world’s health decision makers and ensure that the expertise of physical therapists is utilized.