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  • CMS Changes July 1 Functional Limitation Reporting Instructions for Current Patients

    In response to concerns raised by APTA, providers, and other stakeholders, CMS has changed its functional limitation reporting instructions for claims submitted for each patient's first visit on or after July 1, 2013.

    As a result of the change, therapy providers who have submitted functional limitation data (G-codes) on Medicare Part B patients prior to July 1 will not need to restart functional limitation reporting on the first date of service on or after July 1. Instead, for these patients only, therapists can wait to submit functional limitation data until the next required reporting interval (eg, at the patient's 10th visit or at discharge).

    However, for beneficiaries whose treatment began prior to July 1, but for whom functional limitation reporting information has not been submitted prior to July 1, therapists must submit data on the first claim with a date of service on or after July 1.

    Functional limitation data will be required for all new patients as of July 1.

    CMS notified APTA of this change via e-mail yesterday. For more information on functional limitation reporting, including updated FAQs and a list of measures identified for high-volume conditions, visit APTA's functional limitation reporting resource page.