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  • Mandate for Employer-Provided Health Insurance Delayed Until 2015

    Businesses with more than 50 employees have an extra year to begin offering health coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A post on the US Treasury website announced the deferral yesterday.

    Noting that the vast majority of businesses affected by the requirement already provide health insurance to their workers, Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy Mark Mazur said the delay will allow time to simplify the reporting requirements and enable employers to adapt their reporting systems and health coverage.

    Next year will be a testing and transition period, with employers encouraged to start reporting on their workers’ health coverage in 2014 in preparation for full implementation in 2015.

    APTA Members' Input Welcomed for APTA CEO Search

    As announced last month, APTA hired executive search firm Isaacson, Miller to conduct the search for a new chief executive officer of the association. Suggestions for the position description, candidate recommendations, self-nominations, and questions in general should be sent to 4849@IMSearch.com. The e-mail address is dedicated to this search and consistently monitored by Isaacson, Miller.

    Bonnie Polvinale, APTA's vice president of member relations, is acting as interim CEO while the search is under way. Updates on the search will appear on the APTA Staff page of APTA.org under CEO Transition.

    Editor's Note - July 15, 2013: This item was updated to correct the e-mail address for Isaacson, Miller. Please use: 4849@IMSearch.com.