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  • July Board of Directors: Strategic Plan Updates Continue to Focus on Showing Value of PT Services

    The Board at its July meeting developed updates to APTA's Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, last updated in July 2011, outlines goals, objectives, strategies, and metrics for the next 1-3 years that will support achievement of Vision 2020. The plan includes a number of key decisions made by the House of Delegates in June 2012.

    Final wording of the 4 outcomes and their supporting objectives is in process and will be shared with members once the Strategic Plan has been adopted by the Board in December. The 4 outcomes are in the areas of:

    • Effectiveness of care to improve quality of life;
    • Patient- and client-centered care across the lifespan;
    • Professional growth and development; and
    • Value and accountability.

    Through small-group exploration, generative discussion, and prioritizing, the Board and key APTA staff identified several focused objectives that APTA can target for budgeting resources over the next 1-3 years.

    Key to the planning process was consideration of 2012 House decisions such as Physical Therapist Responsibility and Accountability for the Delivery of Care (RC2-12) and Feasibility Study for Transitioning to an Entry-Level Baccalaureate Physical Therapist Assistant Degree (RC20-12).

    Updates from the APTA strategic planning process will be posted to APTA.org, at www.apta.org/StrategicPlan, as they become available.

    July Board of Directors: Association Management Services Examined

    The Board of Directors, in an effort to improve the services provided to components, engaged in a discussion at its July meeting about APTA's association management services (AMS) to sections, chapters, and assemblies. APTA provides paid services to components with AMS such as membership management, meeting planning, and publishing.

    The presentation and discussion focused on the history and trends of components’ use of the services. It also proposed business model options that APTA could consider. A model that would make services through AMS available to as many components as requested service was deemed most desirable. The financial objective of this model would be to break even.

    Components seeking information about APTA's AMS program can contact Catherine Langley, director of association management services, at catherinelangley@apta.org.

    NQMC Launches Personalization Feature

    Users now can personalize the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC) to accommodate specific interests and receive alerts on new and updated content. Through "My NQMC" recently searched terms and measure summaries will appear on the home page directly below the main search box. Users who save favorite measure summaries and organizations have the option to receive weekly e-mail alerts when favorite summaries have been updated or withdrawn from the site, or summaries associated with a favorite organization have been published, updated, or withdrawn from the site.

    Instructions on personalizing NQMC and setting up e-mail alerts are available on this FAQ page.