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  • APTA Awards Now Open for Nominations, Including New Awards for Humanitarian, Societal Impact Efforts

    Members of the physical therapy profession do amazing things for people every day and not just inside the walls of a clinic: that's the idea behind 2 new awards from APTA that focus on humanitarian efforts and contributions that make an impact on society.

    The APTA Honors & Awards program is now accepting nominations for the 2018 awards cycle, and the program has added a Humanitarian Award and Societal Impact Award to APTA's distinctive collection of accolades. Those honors include awards for excellence in education, practice, research, and publications.

    The APTA Humanitarian Award recognizes association members "who exemplify the compassionate nature of the physical therapy profession by actively expressing a commitment to humanity and exhibiting admirable degrees of selflessness in addressing key health concerns," according to the award webpage. Nominees must be active APTA members in good standing at the time of nomination and selection, and must have a record of humanitarian service for at least a year prior to nomination.

    Also for APTA members with at least 1 year of relevant activity, the APTA Societal Impact Award is aimed at individuals who embody the compassionate nature of the profession "by exhibiting a distinguished commitment toward philanthropic initiatives, raising public awareness on key societal issues, and demonstrating how physical therapy can be applied to address these issues."

    Detailed award descriptions, eligibility information, and nomination instructions for these and the many other awards and honors in the program are available on the APTA Honors & Awards webpage. Deadline for nominations is December 1.

    Award winners will be recognized by the APTA Board of Directors at the 2018 NEXT Conference and Exhibition, set for June 27-30 in Orlando. For more information, email Alissa Patanarut.