Educational Fund for Dave Pariser's Daughters

APTA has received inquiries from many friends and colleagues of former Board member Dave Pariser, PT, PhD, regarding ways they can continue to assist the Pariser family after his unexpected death in January 2013.

As those close to Dave knew, the most important thing to him was family. He was a proud, dedicated and loving father to twin daughters, Ada and Kayla. Helping to provide a secure financial future to his girls would be a fitting way to honor Dave and his legacy of kindness, compassion, and generosity.

Separate custodial accounts to be used for school/college related expenses have been established by the Pariser family for both Ada and Kayla. Those wishing to donate* can make deposits in person at any Chase Bank branch, or mail donations to the Crestwood office at the address below.

Mailing Address:
Chase Bank
Attn: Carol Anne Lorenz
6000 Crestwood Station 17A
Crestwood, KY 40014

The Routing number and account numbers will be needed when making deposits into each account. To acquire this information please contact Lisa Volz, Executive Director, Kentucky Physical Therapy Association, at or 859-485-2812.

Thank you for continuing to keep Dave's memory alive through your generous donations.

*Donations to custodial accounts are considered a gift and are therefore not deductible for tax purposes. This is a private fund established by the Pariser family and is not managed by APTA.

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