Health Behavior Change

Health Behavior Change is an important concept for the practice of physical therapy. The nature of physical therapy typically requires that we explore what motivates our patients and clients in addition to determining what may be creating a barrier to performance or that is hampering compliance. The following provides information on key theories and models and their value to you as a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. The information is intended to assist you to organize and add to what you already know in this area by presenting models and theories developed and studied in the area of health behavior change. Using the evidence on what has succeeded with some of the models will assist you to hone your skills in this area even more.

Additionally, as the profession focuses more on lifestyle change and its relationship to health in the services we provide, long-term sustainable behavior change is critical. Having this information should be helpful for cases when we do not expect to follow an individual for a long period of their life but we want to make the appropriate and most successful impact on healthy lifestyle behaviors during the time they are seeing us. In other cases, you may see an individual episodically over a long period of time and, again, this information will allow you to customize the interventions you recommend based on the changing attitude your patient or client may have toward a healthier lifestyle.

Health Behavior Change Descriptions

Measures and Tools

Transtheoretical Model & Component Measures


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