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Perspectives Magazine is a publication for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in the first 5 years of their careers.

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  • Is it Time to Change? - How do you know when it's time for a new job? Be it money, differing goals, ethical issues or something else, all PTs and PTAs need to discover for themselves when it's time to make a move.
  • Make the Most of Mentoring - As a fairly new PT or PTA, you may think you're not experienced enough to become a mentor yet. That's not necessarily the case. Not only do you have a lot to offer others, mentoring others also benefits you.
  • Lead to Succeed - It's never too early in your career to start becoming a leader in the profession. Learn how a number of early-career PTs started on their leadership paths.
  • Point/Counterpoint: Maintain the Spectrum or Master the Specialty - Which works best when it comes to continuing education? Becoming a well-rounded PT or specializing in a particular area?


  • Career Coach – A Bucket of Possibilities
  • Cool Careers – Pediatric Physical Therapy: Helping the Children
  • Financial Fitness – Store, Keep, or Shred
  • My Perspectives - Observations From Early Career PTs and PTAs


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