Requesting the Physical Therapist Evaluation Tool (PTET)

Get Credit for Your Professional Experience. Move Your Career Forward with the DPT!

Ever wondered about earning the DPT, but gotten bogged down in

  • Concerns about whether your experience "counts" or 
  • The hassles of the application process?

Put your worries aside! Now the process is simpler than ever — using APTA's Physical Therapist Evaluation Tool (PTET). 

PTET can save you time and money (and anxiety!) by providing a set of easy-to-complete, standardized forms for documentation of your past and current education, practice, administrative/management, and scholarly experiences.

How Can PTET Benefit You? It's Simple:

  • Using its customized scored report, you can negotiate a curriculum based on what you already know and what you need to know [learn?].
  • You can be sure that your knowledge and experience will be evaluated consistently as you apply for one or more programs.
  • You'll have one comprehensive document for the admissions process.
  • And you'll be able to use the scored self-assessment report to compare your knowledge and experience with that of a norm-referenced group of DPT graduates.

Make a renewed commitment to your career—and get credit for what you've already accomplished! PTET will help you move forward to the DPT. 

For more information, contact Credentialing Services Inc at: PTET, Credentialing Services Inc, PO Box 1502, Galesburg, IL 61402-1502; 309/343-1202 (phone); 309/344-1715 (fax); 

Pricing: APTA members: $400; Nonmembers: $700.

Fees for the PTET are nonrefundable. Prior to making payment, confirm that the institution(s) you apply to use or require the PTET as a part of their application procedure. Please allow 6-8 weeks for Credentialing Services Inc to process your PTET once completed and submitted. 

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