International Volunteer Opportunities & Organizations

There are a variety of physical therapy-related volunteer opportunities outside the US. These opportunities vary widely in terms of the nature of the experience (e.g. providing PT services or training people to provide services), the requirements of volunteers (e.g. length of stay, language proficiency, etc.), the available supports for volunteers (e.g. payment of expenses, quality of housing, etc.), and opportunities for cultural exploration beyond the service project.

Since each volunteer opportunity is unique, your first resource for information always should be the program or organization through which you will be volunteering. Be sure to read all materials and ensure you are clear on all requirements, expectations, risks, and benefits prior to engaging in any volunteer opportunity. You should also ensure that the opportunity you have chosen is a good fit with both your professional and personal scope of competence and take time to educate yourself on the conditions and situations you may encounter while overseas. Volunteer programs often will provide contacts for previous volunteers to assist in this regard. You may also obtain general country information through the US Department of State's Background Notes.

Volunteer Opportunities

Haitian Relief Effort

Volunteer Organizations

*Organizations with opportunities specific to physical therapists

African Medical Mission (NC)

American International Health Alliance (DC)

Amigos del las Americas (TX)



Council on International Exchange of Scholars (DC)

Cross Cultural Solutions (NY)

Doctors Without Borders [Medicins sans Frontieres] (NY)

Esperanca, Inc. (AZ)

The Florida Association of Voluntary Agencies for Caribbean Action (FL)

Friendship Bridge (CO)

Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program (DC)

Global Health Council (DC)

Habitat for Humanity International (GA)

* Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation, Inc (UT)

* Health Volunteers Overseas (DC)

Health Policy & Administration Section Global Health Special Interest Group (SIG)

Hearts in Motion (IN)

Hesperian Foundation (CA)

InterAction (DC)

International Medical Services for Health (VA)

International Rescue Committee (NY)

Manos de Ayuda, Inc (AZ)

Mercy Corps (OR) 

Mobility International USA (OR)

Northwest Medical Teams International (OR)

Operation Smile (VA)

Oxfam America (MA)

Pan American Development Foundation (DC)

Partners of the Americas (DC)

Peace Corps (DC)

Project Concern International (DC/CA)

* Project HOPE International (VA)

Project Mercy (IN)

STAND: The Haiti Project (Sustainable Therapy and New Development)

United Nations Volunteers (Germany)

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (DC)

Visions in Action (DC)

Volunteers in Asia (CA)

Wellstart >International (CA)

Wheels for Humanity (CA)

World Institute on Disability (CA)

WorldTeach (MA)

Faith-based Volunteer Organizations:

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (MD)

American Baptist International Ministries (PA)

Brethren Volunteer Service (IL)

Catholic Medical Mission Board (NY)

Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (MD)

Christian Blind Mission International, Inc. (SC)

Christian Children's Fund (VA)

* Christian Physical Therapists Intl. (NJ)

Church World Service (IN/NY/DC)

Episcopal Relief and Development (NY)

Interserve USA (PA)

Jesuit Volunteers International (DC)

Medical Ministry International (Canada, PA, TX)

Mennonite Mission Network (IN/KS)

St. Vincent Pallotti Center (DC)

Through the Roof Ministries (OH)

Vellore Christian Medical College Board (NY)

Volunteer Missionary Movement (WI)

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