Vitalizing Practice Through Research and Research Through Practice

Vitalizing Practice Through Research and Research Through Practice

Held December 2-4, 2009, in Philadelphia, PA, the "Vitalizing Practice Through Research and Research Through Practice" conference asked its participants "to develop recommendations, to be published in Physical Therapy, which will allow us to create an environment in a number of different practice settings that enable researchers to conduct translational research and clinicians to provide patient care based on the results of that research" in the hopes of enhancing patient care.

Resources from the conference are available below.

General Resources

Conference Presentations

The following presentations were provided in advance of the conference.

Evolution of the Conference (.pdf)
Marc S. Goldstein, EdD

Vitalizing Practice through Research and Research through Practice: A Clinician’s Perspective (.pdf)
Charles M. Magistro, PT, FAPTA

Are You Ready (.pdf)
Rebecca L. Craik, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Practice to Research to Practice: Cycle of Influence and Implementation (.pdf)
Joseph J. Godges, PT, DPT, MA, OCS

Elements for Change (.pdf)
Pamela B. Peele, PhD

Prerecorded Presentations

The following are the speakers whose audiovisual presentations are, or will be available on this site prior to the Conference. Speakers are listed alphabetically.

Joseph Baumgaertner, PT, MS
The Business Case of Quality | PDF 

Larry Benz, PT, DPT, MBA, ECS
The Essential Components | PDF 

Joan Bohmert, PT, MSA
Consumer-driven Approach to Research | PDF 

Gerard Brennan, PT, PhD
Improving Practice Through Clinical Research | PDF 

Tony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA, and Pam Peele, PhD
Performance Assessment and Cost-effectiveness Research | PDF 

Susan Horn, PhD
A Systematic Approach to Physical Therapy Documentation | PDF 

Stephen Hunter, PT, OCS
Translating Clinical Research Into Improved Patient Outcomes | PDF 

Alan Jette, PT, PhD, FAPTA
The Relevance of Translational Research in Physical Therapy| PDF 

Mike Johnson, PT, PhD, OCS
Engaging the Professional Workforce | PDF 

Paul Rockar, PT, DPT, MS
Private Practice, A Health System and Academia—It Can Work | PDF