PT to DPT: Changing the Regulatory Designator

In June 2005 the APTA House of Delegates adopted a motion that the APTA "investigate the appropriateness of changing the regulatory designation of the physical therapist from 'PT' to 'DPT' in all jurisdictions, including: an assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and barriers for implementing the regulatory change; the criteria for implementation; and mechanisms for implementation." The APTA Board of Directors appointed a task force to undertake that investigation but recognizing the complexity of the issues related to changing the regulatory designation, the Board of Directors reported to the House of Delegates in June 2006 that it believed the work of the Task Force and its recommendations required wider discussion and deliberation before any action is taken. The BOD pledged to the House to create opportunities for discussion of these issues.

The information provided on this page is intended to facilitate that wider discussion of issues related to changing the regulatory designation. The PowerPoint presentation and accompanying handout outline many of the issues and considerations involved in determining if the regulatory designation should change.