About the Student Assembly

The Student Assembly (SA) is an APTA component comprised of all student members and focuses on issues relating to students. We are a united group dedicated to advancing the views and concerns of physical therapy students. The Student Assembly serves as the "voice" for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students. We represent students from every accredited or developing education program across the country.

The Student Assembly was established to represent the concerns of students throughout the country in our evolving health care system. Student involvement in association activities is paramount to the future of the physical therapy profession. Involvement in the Student Assembly is a perfect opportunity for students to learn about issues, become involved, and meet lifelong acquaintances. All students must work toward a common goal; that is, to learn about the profession and how to help advance the profession as we move toward managed care.

Who Governs the Student Assembly? (SA)

The Student Assembly is governed by an elected Board of Directors which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Director of Communications, Director of Membership, Student PT Delegate, and Student PTA Delegate, all of whom are available to discuss issues affecting the Association and the physical therapy profession. The Nominating Committee consists of a chairperson and 2 additional student members. The term of office for each position lasts one year.

The Student Assembly President is responsible for governing and directing all assembly activities. The Student Assembly Delegates participate, speak, or make motions to the House of Delegates, which is the highest decision-making body of the association and is where decisions are made on issues that frequently have far-reaching implications for the association and the profession.

Running For Office

Being an officer for the Student Assembly is a great learning experience, which allows students the opportunity to get involved and learn how APTA functions.

As an APTA student member you are eligible to run for the office of Student Assembly President, Vice President, Secretary, Director of Communications, Director of Membership, Student PT, or Student PTA Delegate, or Nominating Committee Chair or member (one chair and two members). Elections are held annually in October at APTA's National Student Conclave. First, second, and third year students are encouraged to submit nominations and consent to serve forms.

Student Assembly Benefits

Our student members enjoy countless benefits including career starter dues; access to valuable APTA products at significantly reduced rates; up-to-date information about new trends and hot topics through media such as APTA's Web site and our monthly newsletters - the Student Assembly Pulse and Student E-News; free subscriptions to PT in Motion, PT in Motion News, and Physical Therapy Journal (PTJ); an online career center; leadership development; and mentoring.

Student Assembly Bylaws

Student Assembly Bylaws (.pdf) Members Only

Get Involved!

Contact the Assembly office to become a Student or Faculty Liaison. Your participation is essential to the strength of the Student Assembly.


Staff Liaison
Lisa McLaughlin
1111 N Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703/706-3230
Fax: 703/706-3387
E-mail: lisamclaughlin@apta.org

APTA Board Liaison
The Board Liaison serves on the national APTA Board of Directors, and is the main contact for the Student Assembly with the APTA Board of Directors.
Jeanine M. Gunn, PT, DPT
Email : jeaninegunn@apta.org

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