Conference with the Student Assembly Board of Directors

In an effort to maximize our transparency and accessibility with physical therapy and physical therapy assistant students from across the country, the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) is inviting students and faculty to set up a conference call via Skype or phone with an SABoD member. This new initiative will help open the lines of communication between PT/PTA students and their national APTA student representatives.

All it takes is filling out the request form below. One of our SABoD members can participate in a PT/PTA Club meeting, class meeting, or any other gathering of your choice. This is meant to be an informal yet effective way to help explain student initiatives and issues that affect PT/PTA students across the country. Don't miss this great opportunity to interact personally with your Student Assembly national representatives!


  • We will try our best to meet every request, but there is the possibility that our schedules may prevent us from doing so. Providing us 2-3 date choices will help us meet your needs.
  • If possible, please schedule at least two weeks in advance.
  • Preferred communication is via Skype (or your institution's teleconferencing system), even for audio-only calls.
  • Please provide the contact information for 1 student (or faculty) liaison who we can contact regarding schedules, logistics, etc.
  • Please have questions and/or topics ready to discuss!

Request Form

Contact Information

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Please select up to three dates and times in which you would be available. We will do our best to meet every request.

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Method of Communication

Even for audio-only calls, we prefer to communicate via Skype whenever possible. However, we will consider alternatives as needed.


Primary Discussion Topics

What would you like to talk about? We've listed some popular discussion items below, but we are happy to discuss any topics of interest. (Multiple answers accepted.) 


Estimated Number of Participants

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How Did You Hear About This?

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You should expect a reply from a SABoD member within 1 week of submitting the form.