Student Assembly Nominating Chair

Student Assembly Board of Directors: Kaitlyn Bianco 75x110 Kaitlyn Bianco, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Kaitlyn's election to the nominating committee of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

If we want our profession of physical therapy to continue to progress in the direction it is headed, then we must be willing to put in the work that is required.

I believe one of the only ways to improve our profession is by continuing to strive for professionalism and teamwork. Our profession was built on the foundation of interaction with our fellow health care workers to achieve a better quality of care for our patients. I want to be part of a Board of Directors that continues to collaborate to push students to advocate for physical therapy.

National Student Conclave 2012 changed my perspective of this profession and its potential. I was inspired by the passion and fire that was clearly evident in every student at the conference. It showed me the strength of student voices and that, collectively, those voices can cause a change. This excitement continued to grow when I attended the Annual Conference this year. While watching clips of the past McMillan lecturers, every one of them mentioned that the students are an integral part of moving the profession forward. If esteemed clinicians and educators recognize that we are an important part of this positive progression, then we need to seize that opportunity and put forth as much effort as we can to prove we are ready to bring physical therapy to the next level.

As the National Student Conclave Project Committee chair for 2013, I have had an unbelievable opportunity to develop a conference geared specifically towards students. Because this conference is where it all started for me, I know that National Student Conclave has the potential to light that same fire in this year's Student Assembly. Through this experience, I have refined my abilities as a leader and I have learned that when working as a team, anything can be accomplished! With a team of hard-working, driven individuals, we can put any plan into action and work to provide the Student Assembly with as many opportunities as we possibly can.

As a member of the Student Assembly Board of Directors, I hope to achieve an increased involvement and attendance of students not only at National Student Conclave, but at the Combined Sections Meeting and Annual Conference as well. I also want to advertise, as much as possible, the opportunities that students have to get involved. In addition, I would like to promote the project committees at National Student Conclave so that students are aware of opportunities to get involved.

If we want change, we need to be that change. We can't sit back and hope that someone else takes initiative. As the new generation of physical therapy, we must lead this profession in the direction that we want it to go. I believe we have what it takes to bring physical therapy to the next level and I would love to help the Student Assembly Board succeed in reaching our goals!

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