Student Assembly Nominating Chair

Peter Tooley, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Peter's election to the nominating committee of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

After being introduced to the Student Assembly at CSM 2012, I saw an incredible opportunity to be involved in influencing the direction of our profession while serving my fellow student across the country. I believe that we are at a turning point in our profession, and our generation of physical therapists will play an integral role in shaping the profession as we move into the future. I would be honored to serve as a representative of physical therapy students nationwide.

Given the opportunity to serve on the Student Assembly Nominating Committee, I hope to contribute to the effort of raising awareness among students concerning what benefits and opportunities are available through the Student Assembly and APTA. This includes continuing to work at improving and refining methods of communication and connection with one another. It also means finding talented, creative, and motivated students to bring new and fresh ideas into the Student Assembly. The path has been well-paved for us by previous student board members, core ambassadors, and project committee members, and I hope to continue a tradition of growth and excitement about our profession—especially what we as students are able to contribute to the future.

Further, it is a desire of mine to work on building mentorship and networking relationships that will benefit students as we enter into the professional realm of clinical practice. Mentorship has been an integral and priceless part of my academic career, and I believe that an effective mentorship program will benefit us as novice clinicians. It also will provide guidance as we are discovering what direction we want to pursue in our individual careers.

Last, I would love to see an increase of students connecting with each other across the nation. The Student Assembly Board has created excellent ways to facilitate these connections, and I anticipate helping to develop and implement other ways that will leverage those relationships even more.

This past year, I have served in the role of community service and social events co-chairman for George Washington University's Physical Therapy Student Organization. It has been a very rewarding role, centered on developing community service initiatives both in and around the greater Washington, DC, area. Our organization has worked together to improve interdisciplinary relationships within the medical school and develop relations with organizations in the community. I see the importance of not only giving back to the communities that we live and work in, but also to the physical therapy community at large.

I carry a deep desire to serve people, a responsibility to be well-informed, an attitude of perseverance, and a kind and steadfast spirit. I want to be involved in this profession and inspire others to be excited about our field as well. I hope that I can serve fellow students well as a part of the Student Assembly as Nominating Committee chair-elect.

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