Student Assembly Nominating Chair - Elect

2015 Student Assembly Board of Directors: Scott McAfee
Scott McAfee, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Scott's election to the nominating committee of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

I can still envision the moment I sat down for my first class as a DPT student. As our Department Chair quieted our excited and nervous class, I wondered how he would begin our three-year journey. "Ladies and gentlemen," he announced, "from this day forth, you are each a Doctor of Physical Therapy—the next three years just determine how far you choose to develop as a healthcare professional." "Remember who you are on this day," he urged, "because three years from now, you will be entirely transformed."

My fellow students, it is undoubtedly an exciting time for us to be a part of Physical Therapy. With so many unforeseen opportunities waiting to be pioneered, revolutionary research missions waiting to be conducted, and brilliant individuals waiting to be handed a white coat, our profession has boundless potential to fulfill. It is entirely up to us to determine what we wish to accomplish. How will we transform?

Although each of us may have our own reasons for choosing a career in Physical Therapy, we all share one common passion—making a positive difference in this world. After meeting and interacting with so many future DPT's and PTA's at conferences, section meetings, and clinical practices, I am convinced we are some of the most driven and optimistic individuals entering healthcare today. As students, you and I form the foundation of PT itself and determine the future of our profession. Our role is pivotal.

This year's APTA Student Assembly has done an incredible job of increasing involvement, expanding communication, and establishing opportunities for growth. It is now our responsibility to actively build upon that foundation, advance our cause even further, and fulfill our true potential. Let's start a revolution.

If elected to the APTA Student Assembly as the Nominating Committee Chair-Elect, I aspire to lead this revolution and serve as a passionate and inspiring representative of every DPT and PTA student across the country. I want to hear your ideas. I want to get you involved. Together, we can make a difference.

We are all aware of the pressing issues that our profession faces today—I don't need to list them here. We need solutions. We need action. My goals aim for just that. Let's boost student membership in the APTA by creating new ways for our voices to be heard. Let's advocate our cause and let the world know how direct access enriches the patient experience. From there, let's design new opportunities for us to build our network, stay informed of new advancements, and integrate into interprofessional patient care. Let's forge project committees that strengthen communication, augment research, and reignite legislative advancement. Let's all give $20 to the PT Political Action Committee and make it the largest healthcare provider PAC in the nation. Let's accomplish these goals and be the generation that launches our profession to the forefront of modern healthcare.

I am passionately driven, deeply experienced, and excitedly ready to serve you and our profession. Let's start a revolution.