Student Assembly PTA Delegate

Student Assembly Board of Directors: Tyler King 75x110 Tyler King, SPTA

The following candidate statement was written prior to Tyler's election as PTA delegate of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

All my life I have never been content to be just like everyone else. I have always set goals that to most would seem extreme, but to me they offered a challenge to grow. Becoming a PTA is no different. I want to be the best PTA that I can, and just completing the course so I can say I'm a PTA is not my goal.

I feel that being an SPTA, serving on the Student Assembly Board would be a great challenge, and would allow me to truly understand all aspects of being a PTA. It would also allow me the opportunity to help others understand the role of a PTA and the relationship between the PTA and PT.

If elected to the Student Assembly Board I would encourage and promote professional development opportunities that relate to the role of the PTA. I would also promote the importance of being a member of APTA and the opportunities it offers to members.

My understanding of the Student Assembly Board is to represent the other PTA students in relation to APTA. This must be done by opening clear lines of communication through every outlet at our disposal, such as social media, e-mail, or by phone.

Being an SPTA delegate also gives me the opportunity to help other students communicate with the Student Assembly Board and with APTA that they might otherwise believe to be too intimidating. I would be honored to serve other PTA students in such a capacity.

As I stated earlier, I am always seeking opportunities to grow and learn from new experiences. This position as a board member would allow me to help steer our profession into safe waters that will allow it to grow as well. This is one reason I am seeking to be in this leadership role. I want to help others realize their dreams of being part of a growing profession that will open many doors to opportunities they may have never dreamed they could achieve.

I am very motivated to become a PTA who seeks not only to better myself, but also the people around him, as well as the profession I will be a part of. I appreciate the opportunity to be associated with APTA and its desire to better the profession, and the members involved in it.

Like me, I’m afraid many others entering into a PTA program may be unaware of all the opportunities offered to them such as student conferences. Being a part of the SABoD will allow me to better educate myself and other students to these opportunities as they are made available. I would consider it an honor to be elected to the Board.

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