Student Assembly Secretary

2016 Student Assembly Board of Directors: Jillian Tanych Jillian Tanych, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Jillian's election as secretary of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

"Take charge of your professional destiny!" are the first words on APTA's Leadership Development page. This phrase resonates highly in my mind as I reflect upon APTA's vision statement. In order to transform society, we must improve the human experience and optimize movement. I have chosen to improve the human experience through leadership. Ergo, I am running for Student Assembly Secretary and hope to use my role to promote student involvement so we may all take charge of our professional destinies.

I first became a leader when I started cheerleading. As a two-year captain, I competed at the state level and went on to collegiate and semi-professional teams. This sport taught me to represent my school and community with professionalism and positivity. During my undergraduate career, my leadership responsibilities continued as student ambassador. I spoke at events and met with students as well as families to promote my university and health majors.

Upon entering physical therapy school, my longing for leadership roles continued. Vermont lacks a solid foundation for APTA involvement. I also found that the majority of my colleagues and classmates were unaware of the opportunities that lay outside the academic curriculum. This un-involvement coupled with my extraordinary experiences at NSC, PT Day, and NEXT has ignited my passion for seizing opportunities. I am currently on the NSC Project Committee and am the Core Ambassador for Vermont, where I have promoted these positions to my school and sparked significant interest in APTA involvement amongst my classmates. As an active member of the UVM PT Club, I helped organize the annual PT Club 5k and sought out getting our club officially recognized by the Graduate Student Senate. I am now the UVM PT Club President and DPT Class President and hope to continue in these roles as a resource for my classmates while creating a sense of community amongst our DPT program.

If elected, my goals are to represent the Student Assembly and APTA with the upmost professionalism and positivity while continuing to build the same sense of community that I instantly felt upon meeting the current SABoD. I also plan to revamp and promote the APTA's prospective student page while keeping the Student Assembly on task with all goals. Additionally, I will continue to promote APTA membership and involvement as critical pieces to the student experience.

Warren Bennis once stated, "Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." I envision the Student Assembly to grow into a body of students for whom every PT/PTA student not only knows exists, but aspires and strives to become a part of. I know this is achievable by focusing on the principles of APTA's vision statement. We as students must find our identity within the profession, while demonstrating collaboration with other programs and professionals, and performing advocacy for our profession and our patients. I would be honored to serve on the SABoD as Secretary and help triumph this vision.

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