Student Assembly Secretary

2015 Student Assembly Board of Directors: Aimee Winston Aimee Winston, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Aimee's election as secretary of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

In conversations with fellow students, the word "community" was mentioned several times. "Community" is the perfect word to describe what I have felt among Student Assembly members. I want to help extend that sense of community to all physical therapy and physical therapist assistant students. Therefore, I am running for Student Assembly secretary to help unify students, so that we can contribute to the profession we all love.

I got my first glimpse of professional advocacy in 2011 in the commercial dance industry as secretary of Dancers' Alliance, an advocacy group for professional dancers. During my time with the organization, we partnered with the Screen Actors Guild- American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to negotiate a contract for music video performers. I learned how we could seek the changes we desire in our profession through hard work and solidarity. From that experience, I knew I wanted get involved in the APTA when beginning PT school in 2013. My experiences within the physical therapy field have allowed me to learn about the profession and develop my leadership skills and ideas. This year, I have served on the SPTA Relations Project Committee in which I have contributed to the First-Year Toolkit and written an article for the July Pulse regarding the potential transition to the PTA baccalaureate degree. Additionally, I served as an usher for the 2014 House of Delegates meeting, and I am currently serving as Massachusetts Core Ambassador and Boston University Physical Therapy Association secretary-elect. These roles have confirmed my passion for the field, helped me understand the needs of students, and allowed me to develop my communication and organizational skills. I feel that these experiences have prepared me to successfully contribute to the Student Assembly Board of Directors as secretary.

If elected, I plan to help connect students between different programs to help facilitate the student network. I feel that this will help create a community of passionate students who can exchange ideas, encourage one another, and keep each other accountable. Additionally, I want to engage fellow students by creating more online polls, surveys, and discussions to understand how to best serve the entire Student Assembly. I will be dedicated to ensuring that all students understand that they have a voice in our association and the benefits of APTA membership.

I believe that we all chose physical therapy for reasons that align with APTA's Vision Statement, "transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience." I want to help engage all students in the profession so that we can achieve this vision as a community. Although we are not licensed clinicians yet, we do have the potential to contribute to our profession and make this vision a reality. I would be honored to serve on the Student Assembly Board of Directors as secretary and help extend the community.

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