Student Assembly Treasurer

Student Assembly Board of Directors: Joey Jackson 75x110 Joey Jackson, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Joey's election as treasurer of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

As a nontraditional student, I took a roundabout course getting back to my original declared major out of high school. Along the way I was able to do and see some awesome things that helped shape me into the person I am today, one that is anxious to be a bigger part of APTA and the Student Assembly.

Before starting my DPT, I served 4 years in the United States Marine Corps to give something back for all the opportunities I have had. I had to learn about leadership and working constructively with people from diverse backgrounds, and to be creative in order to get things done. During my enlistment, I pursued a BS in health care management. Earning this degree showed me what I could accomplish with a lot of hard work. It functioned to give me a better understanding of how incredibly fractured our health care system is, but also the great potential it has.

Subsequently, I acquired a MBA, which taught me about finance and the “business side” of things as well as how to handle difficult situations professionally by utilizing all my resources. I also took a little “me” time and moved to Korea for a year. More than anything, this helped me to better appreciate the world and how little I knew about it. I had to learn to adapt to a foreign environment and thrive in unfamiliar territory. Now I am a third-year DPT student pulling all my experiences together to impact people’s lives and give them back their independence through physical therapy.

Since being elected APTA representative for my school in 2011, I have gained knowledge and insight about the association from attending local and national meetings, which further energize my desire to participate more fully in the association. My interests lie largely with activism and advocacy. In this role I have participated in regular advocacy in the classroom and attended State Advocacy Days and the Federal Advocacy Forum, where I am constantly striving to engage others to make a difference in our profession. This past year, I have also served on the PT-PAC student committee and the Advocacy Challenge committee encouraging students to make a difference in a profession that will be ours all too soon.

I come from a wide-ranging background and what it has taught me is to be diligent in all things. I work hard to be a good student, a strong triathlete, and a fierce advocate. I use my position at school to excite students about APTA and share my knowledge with anyone who wants it. I wish to spread this kind of energy to others and help them understand what APTA does for us. I believe the treasurer position on the Board of Directors will best allow me to continue to be intrinsically involved with the Student Assembly while utilizing my unique skill to make this next year our best year yet.

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