Student Assembly Vice President

Student Assembly Board of Directors: Clarence Holmes 75x110 Clarence Holmes, SPT

The following candidate statement was written prior to Clarence's election as vice president of the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

In addition to having impeccably maintained hair for his time, Sir Isaac Newton was also nothing short of a genius. He gave us the 3 laws of motion, one of which partly states that an object set in motion will remain in motion. When writing this very letter last year in pursuit of a board position, I spoke of how I took one step and that was all it took. From then on, I had been set in motion, and like a reciprocal gait pattern with no significant deviations, that initial step was followed by others, such as becoming your treasurer for the Student Assembly Board of Directors. Well it’s time for the next step, so that I may continue to stay in motion, and that is why I am running for vice president.

One of the primary goals of the Student Assembly Board of Directors is to ensure that opportunities for students to find their interests, get informed, and get involved be made available to the entire student body; this is accomplished via the Loop Communication Network. The success of the LCN is heavily dependent upon our amazing core ambassadors and the placement of faculty contacts at each institution. Our current Vice President has done an outstanding job in ensuring that an impressive percentage of individuals are placed in these positions. As vice president, it will be my main goal over this next year to place 100% of faculty contacts and core ambassadors in each state to ensure that the mission of the Student Assembly is fulfilled.

In addition to serving as the treasurer of the SABoD, I have also demonstrated a keen interest in my school and community. Over the past year, I have served as the student government vice president and now president of the School of Health Related Professions at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, president of the DPT Class of 2014, and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Jackson Free Medical and Rehabilitation Clinic. Through all of the experiences accompanying these responsibilities, I have discovered that the most important aspect of leadership is maintaining open lines of communication. Understanding that the SABoD functions on all students’ behalf, it is imperative that we are communicating with you and, more important, you communicating with us, thus keeping everyone in “the loop.” As vice president, it will be my responsibility to ensure that this network of communication is operating at peak capacity.

But now, without the use of the Loop Communication Network, I’d like to say thank you. Thank you for supplying the force that I needed to begin my unobstructed movement. It was through the countless unforgettable interactions, dance sessions, and collaborations over the last 2 years that lit a fire in me for the physical therapy profession and all of our patients. As a profession that strives for movement, let us take the next step together as we “transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

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