Andrew King, SPT

Andrew King is a candidate for president on the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

Many individuals, myself included, pursue a career in physical therapy in order to deliver valuable services to their community and make a positive impact in people's lives while obtaining unique skills and expertise that differentiate them from other health care providers. In the pursuit of practicing in this profession, I have learned a significant amount, including how far the practice of physical therapy has progressed in the past century. The outbreak of polio unveiled a grave need for health care providers with a particular set of skills and a passionate desire to aid their fellow man. Today, the profession is faced with a different set of obstacles that will require greater collaboration and interaction among everyone involved. Clinicians, specialists, educators, students, other health care providers, and those who are advocates for our profession must integrate their efforts and propel forward through the current issues facing our health care system in a manner that provides evidence-based care for our patients. The Student Assembly Board of Directors is in a unique position to have a vital impact on and act as an advocate for our profession. For this reason, I am pursuing a leadership position with the SABoD.

Like the pioneers of our profession, I, too, possess a strong desire to further develop my skills and expertise, make a positive impact in the lives of others, and continue to help move our profession forward. Throughout my academic career, I have been involved in many successful community programs and philanthropic organizations and have held key leadership roles in several of those organizations, including my current role as president of the East Tennessee State University Physical Therapy Class of 2014. I have also been involved in and have advocated for the physical therapy profession prior to having the fortunate opportunity to entera DPT program. In this program, I have excelled in my studies while continuing to participate in other extracurricular initiatives for which I have strong interest and passion. Additionally, I possess strong interpersonal and leadership skills as well as a creative mind, which will continue to aid the progressive development of and build on the exemplary work of the past SABoD and APTA overall.

I desire to join and lead the SABoD with the vision of informing students and professionals alike of both the obstacles and opportunities facing physical therapy in our country. I hope to excel in and expand on the responsibilities of my position with innovative techniques to accomplish goals with efficiency and uncompromising quality. Coming from a family of educators, I have always appreciated the supreme value of knowledge and how paramount it is to our society. Within our profession, I feel exactly the same but with added passion and enthusiasm. I will continue to become exceedingly knowledgeable about APTA policies, increase my understanding in the field of physical therapy, and advocate for the profession in ways that motivate and inspire others, just as the current SABoD has motivated me to pursue further engagement and serve in a leadership role.

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