Anthony Celio, SPT

Anthony Celio is a candidate for the nominating committee on the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

I can still remember the first time I was inspired to become more involved as a student.

It was February 2012 at the Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago. I was a wide-eyed first-year student trying to take in as much as I could. The highlight of that trip was attending the student caucus. It was amazing to watch members of the board debate topics so passionately, trying to sway the audience to pick their side in the debate. Being in a room with these animated and ambitious students filled me with an overwhelming feeling. It was right then that I decided I would one day be in their shoes.

This past year I served as Louisiana’s core ambassador. I used this position as an opportunity to help fellow students in my state learn about the many benefits of becoming involved in APTA at the state and national levels. I have also served as my class fundraiser coordinator and worked closely with our treasurer and president to manage our class funds. These positions required great communication, responsibility, and time management skills.

My enthusiasm and passion for our great profession is what propels me to serve on your board of directors. The excitement that I have for physical therapy cannot be put into words. This excitement has been the same driving force I have felt throughout my first 2 years of physical therapy school. It has been a constant fire within me since I stepped foot onto LSU’s campus. This feeling I have gives me great pride in our profession. I want to selflessly work for you and do anything I can to help physical therapy reach its highest potential.

For myself, 2 goals that I feel are of the utmost importance are being an advocate for our profession and increasing student participation. I will use my positive and energetic personality to motivate as many students as I can to see the benefits of becoming more involved in APTA. If we can engage students early, then this will lead to more action and continue into their professional careers. I will work with members of the board to promote creative ways to attract new student members, increase conference attendance, and keep students informed about important issues.

It has always been said that there is strength in numbers. Active participation by students is a must if we are to continue to grow and move forward. I believe it is up to all of us to recognize the potential of our profession, if we unite and work together. We are the future of physical therapy; thus, it is critical for students to get involved now. I hope you give me the privilege of serving on your student assembly board of directors, to lead us towards our common goals!

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