Jessica Oakland, SPT

Jessica Oakland is a candidate for the nominating committee on the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

You are the voice, let me be a messenger. As students of physical therapy in the midst of health care reform and direct access, our profession is evolving in a way that will directly affect us all. By serving on the Nominating Committee, I want your voice to be heard. I would like to advance the views and concerns by building and maintaining relationships with students across the country so my peers will let me be a voice of their questions, concerns, and comments. I will make it my main priority to develop personal relationships with you in order to best relay your opinions.

As a Nominating Committee member, I will collaborate with board members, core ambassadors, and state contacts to increase the knowledge about professional development, encourage more students to attend NSC, as well as share the importance of voting for your Student Assembly representatives and running for a position within the Student Assembly. I love to meet people, have an optimistic attitude, and am enthusiastic about our future. I believe that I can play a role in helping you use your strengths and dedication to serve our ever-expanding profession.

I am a third-year student at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and I began attending NSC as a first-year student. As a conference attendee, I learned about the benefits of being a part of APTA and this was reinforced throughout my conference experience. I joined APTA after I returned and my passion for our profession has been evolving ever since. I dived into being involved. I have since volunteered at all of our state conferences and attended both NSCs and both CSMs since I began PT school. Over the past year, I have also had the privilege to serve on 2 project committees, the Minority and International Affairs Committee and the National Student Conclave Committee, which have allowed me to collaborate with other students and staff members in the APTA. These have been exceptional experiences to network and build relationships while working toward a project goal.

As a multiple conference attendee and involved student, I can only rave about our great profession and my excitement for our future. I want to introduce you to these benefits and opportunities so you too can share in my passion for being involved and my love for our profession.

I believe that the combination of my leadership skills and desire to continue to impact the physical therapy profession makes me an excellent candidate for the Nominating Committee member. I will give the time, effort, and dedication and will serve you with a great attitude and enthusiasm. My love for people and our profession as well as my drive and energy will mesh very well into a role as a student leader. The Student Assembly is a key component in helping us, as students, be heard and helping prepare future physical therapy professionals to be active, well-informed advocates for our profession and I would like to serve you as a member of the Nominating Committee.

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