Kelly Clark, SPT

Kelly Clark is a candidate for secretary on the Student Assembly Board of Directors.

I attended the Combined Sections Meeting in January of this year and found my eyes were opened to the vast opportunities that students have to further the profession of physical therapy and to address student needs. Excited by the prospect and the opportunity to be part of this process, I made the decision to run for the Student Assembly Board Secretary position. One area I hope to address is policy regarding the huge problem of student debt. I would like to see physical therapy students recognized as medical students and benefit from the association in areas such as loan repayment.

I have demonstrated my leadership, organizational, and communication skills as student class president, representing our class on issues that address student concerns and student/faculty interaction. I currently attend frequent Rocky Mountain University DPT program faculty meetings to share concerns and student feedback on positive and negative aspects of our classroom and lab experience. I headed up fundraising activities for our humanitarian trip to Kenya, in conjunction with the president of the university, to work in a Kenyan clinic and to help build a school in August of this year. Approximately 15 students from our program will be attending the trip and I have served as liaison between these students and the World of Difference organization. I have organized and assisted with student events that encouraged interaction between the different programs at our school, including prospective student interviews, student mentoring, new student orientation, and students returning from clinical rotations to share their experiences to prepare the upcoming class preparing to go on their clinicals. I am currently in the process of trying to implement a white coat ceremony for the students in my program. In the community I volunteer with a young boy with cerebral palsy and a rare skin condition, performing fun and functional activities while accomplishing his home exercise program prescribed by his physical therapist.

My experiences participating in athletic events taught me to be a team player in all aspects of my life. I am a team builder and encourage individuals to be the best they can be. I am a "people person" and encourage my fellow DPT students to participate in the issues that matter to them in order to make a difference and contribute to the future of our chosen profession.

Physical therapy is on the verge of being recognized by the medical community and society as individuals with core values such as integrity, social responsibility, accountability, caring, and responsibility, and I hope to be a part of this movement. I would like to assist in moving forward the positive perception of physical therapy professionals recognized for their exceptional knowledge, training, evidence-based practice, and lifelong learning to provide quality treatment for the patient.

In serving with the Student Assembly Board I aspire to embody the core values of the physical therapy profession and assist future students as they pursue their Doctor of Physical Therapy goals.

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