Student Leadership Project Committees

2013-2014 Project Committees

Student Assembly Project Committees (PC) are established by the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) for the purpose of aiding in achieving the SABoD annual goals. Each PC is comprised of 1 chair and up to 6 members. The chair is appointed through an annual application process and is able to select their members. 

The PC regularly collaborates with an assigned SABoD liaison and APTA staff. The SABoD liaison will assist the PC chair and members in establishing and accomplishing their goals. While the weekly commitments differ for each PC according to tasks and time of year, members can expect to devote between 1-5 hours a week performing committee related activities. At the National Student Conclave, each PC will be asked to present their achievements to the Student Assembly.

Call For Committee Members

The call for 2013-2014 project committee members. 

Project Committee Descriptions

National Student Conclave
Chair: TJ Janicky
Join with APTA staff to develop an inspirational student-centered conference that lets students experience the amazing opportunity, support, and community that exists within APTA. This committee has the chance to create a conference for students by students.

Foundation for Physical Therapy
Chair: Hilary Young
Collaborate directly with the Foundation for Physical Therapy to improve ways SPT and SPTA students can contribute to its philanthropic mission. This committee involves generating excitement surrounding established efforts such as the Log ‘N Blog and the Marquette Challenge, as well as developing new ideas to support physical therapy research.

* Two of the PC member positions are reserved for Marquette University students who serve as the Marquette Challenge Coordinators.

New Professionals
Chair: Josh D'Angelo
Explore ways to inspire and guide current student members as they transition into new professional membership. This committee of new professionals will also demonstrate the value of remaining within the supportive APTA community and the positive implications continued of professional membership for career development.

Minority and International Affairs
Chair: Gail Bachman
Work with the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) Diversity in Student Recruitment & Retention Task Force and APTA staff to promote diversity and multicultural awareness within the physical therapy profession. As part of the Student Assembly Diversity Outreach Initiative (DOI), this committee will investigate ways to provide mentoring as well as youth, community, and global outreach to minority and underserved populations.

Student Special Interest Group
Chair: Paula Shulthiess
Support the development of Student Special Interest Groups within APTA components by encouraging the students and component leadership to work together. This committee will help build connections between PT and PTA program class officers, core ambassadors, and chapter leadership to facilitate a larger regional community of resources.

The Loop Communication Network
Chair: Rob Hofschulte
To serve as a model and resource for core ambassadors throughout the Loop Communication Network. This committee aims to keep every SPT and SPTA well informed of APTA opportunities while also finding innovative ways to increase collaboration and the sense of community between core ambassadors.

Student Physical Therapist Assistant Relations
Chair: Claire Peasley
Serve to specifically address SPTA awareness in membership and opportunities within APTA. This committee will also strive to increase communication and collaboration between the SPT and SPTA membership through both existing and newly developed efforts.

Professional Advocacy
Chair: Ryan Buus
Use innovative strategies to better communicate and demonstrate the value of APTA membership to students. This committee also aims to generate social inclusion within the physical therapy community through promoting efforts that increase professional unity and advancement.

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