Student Leadership Project Committees

Student Assembly Project Committees (PC) are established by the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) for the purpose of aiding in achieving the SABoD annual goals. Each PC is comprised of 1 or 2 chairs that are appointed through an annual application process. Each PC chair is able to select their members.

The PC regularly collaborates with an assigned SABoD liaison and APTA staff. The SABoD liaison will assist the PC chair and members in establishing and accomplishing their goals. While the weekly commitments differ for each PC according to tasks and time of year, members can expect to devote between 1-5 hours a week performing committee related activities. At the National Student Conclave, each PC will be asked to present their achievements to the Student Assembly.

Participating in a 2016 Project Committee

Interested in joining a project committee, becoming a liaison, or being a member of a task force? Email the Student Board of Directors Nominating Committee Chair.

2015 Project Committees

The APTA Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) would like to thank all the individuals that volunteered their time this year to improve the student experience! Without this dedicated group of volunteers the APTA Student Assembly would not have been able to achieve the goals for 2014-15 that have taken the Student Assembly to an incredible new height!

Community Outreach:
Mission: This committee will foster student opportunities in community service, public health awareness, and engagement with minority and underserved populations. The committee will work closely with APTA staff to develop the profession's commitment to improving health and wellness within the community. This committee will also help inspire the next generation of physical therapists by promoting ways for students to mentor and educate today's youth interested in health care careers.

Members: Joey Bikkers (Shenandoah University; Chair), Dominique Forte (University of Alabama at Birmingham; Chair), Lexie Williams (UNC-Chapel Hill), Kristin Upah (St. Ambrose University), Caitlyn Rumsey (Tennessee State University), Meredith Huffman (University of St. Mary), William Stokes (Wingate University), Matt Mastenbrooke (Washington University in St. Louis), Caleigh O’Brien (Boston University), Matthew Downey (Cal State Long Beach), Shoko Okabe (Boston University), & Olayi Owens (New York University).

Global Health:
Mission: This committee will work with the APTA and its components, PT and PTA programs nationally and internationally, and student special interest groups to promote awareness of global affairs concerning physical therapy and opportunities available for students. Responsibilities would include establishing personal connections with the Global Health Special Interest Group under the Health Policy and Administration Section, reaching out to international programs, and becoming a resource for students who are interested in getting involved.

Members: April Fajardo (Southwest Baptist University; Chair), Josh Greensweig (University of Minnesota; Chair), Ashley Alagna (Carroll University), Rachel Buckner (University of Southern California), Brady Christoph (University of Puget Sound), Karen Hsu (University of Southern California), Christina Machaby (Boston University), DeAnna Namowicz (Thomas Jefferson University), Mike Weinand (Northern Arizona University), Samantha Weng (Cal State Long Beach), Brittney Townsend (Southwest Baptist University), & Kelsie Miller (Mayo).

Interprofessional Development
Mission: This committee will promote collaboration, education, and networking between students across various health care specialties. Anticipating modern health care transformations, this committee will also advance DPT and PTA students' understanding and experience with providing patient-centered care as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Members: Lexi Rae-Reed (LSU; Chair), Dominic Chevalier (University of Southern California), Nick Ponzetti (University of Washington), Katelyn McNamara (University of Kentucky), Nicholas Beckham (Bellarmine University), Emily Marshall, Mark Alleman, Soumya Bhat, & Rebecca Crockett (Emory University).

Loop Communication Network (LCN):
Mission: This committee aims to keep every SPT and SPTA well aware of APTA opportunities through the LCN. This committee will ensure that Core Ambassadors have current resources to be the most effective in their states. The committee will assess and encourage growth of current Loop initiatives and develop innovative ways to increase engagement and streamline communication by utilizing the LCN.

Members: Craig Bowen (Rutgers University - South; Chair), Lisa Piropato (University of Indianapolis), Allison Hall (West Virginia University), Chase Miller (Rockhurst University), Krystal Sterling (University of North Georgia), Jessica DuBose (A.T. Still University), Ian MacMurdie (MGH Institute of Health Professions), Mandilyn Suzuki (George Fox University), & Luke Snelling (George Fox University).

Mission: This committee will work with APTA, DPT programs, and PTA programs across the nation to develop and maintain initiatives focused on increasing and retaining student membership. It will be guided by analysis of effective targets and methods for membership promotion as well as the intention to spread awareness of APTA, the Student Assembly, and the value of membership.

Members: Jessica Plummer (Bellarmine University; Chair), Crystal Lamb (Grand Valley State University), Zazu Garate (University of South Florida), Kali Nordin (Northern Arizona University), Olivia Thomas (University of Southern California), Nicole Perkuhn (Wichita State University), Honoree McGraw (UNC - Chapel Hill), Jennifer Teslevich (Northern Arizona University), & Matthew Gratton (University of Saint Francis).

National Student Conclave (NSC):
Mission: Join with APTA staff to develop an inspirational student-centered conference that lets students experience the amazing opportunity, support, and community that exists within APTA. This committee has the chance to create a conference for students by students.

Members: Thomas Mork (Mayo School of Health Sciences; Chair), Jocelyn Wallace (Nova Southeastern University), Bryan Tachibana (MGH Institute of Health Professions), Michelle McKinney (Tarrant County College), Emily White (Northern Arizona University), Othman Omalley (Governers State University), Andrea Tobias (University of Minnesota), Kayla Sharpee (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Kayla Keckeisen (Rockhurst University), Chris Doust (University of Indianapolis), Elizabeth Nixon (UNC - Chapel HIll), & Erin Brunelle (Northern Arizona University).

New Professionals:
Mission: Explore ways to inspire and guide new professionals, defined as individuals within the first 5 years of their career. This committee will: Demonstrate the value of remaining within the APTA community; develop events and initiatives for new professionals; andlead the growing new professional movement within APTA. NOTE: Only a new professional can chair this committee, however we encourage both new professionals and current students to join as members.

Members: Matt DeBole (Chair), Keaton Ray, Josh D’Angelo, Ryan Buus, Meg Simonetti, Jess Oakland, Chris Garland, Carina Torres, Jessica Plummer, & Spencer Farrar

Professional Advocacy
Mission: This committee will work to provide strategies to advocate the needs for services provided by physical therapists and physical therapists assistants. The committee will work towards educating students on current and emerging public policy issues impacting the professional of physical therapy. Lastly, the committee will work on how students can advance the profession through legislative avenues.

Members: Natalie Novak (University of Pittsburgh; Chair), Emily Kocanda (University of Illinois-Chicago), Brent Davis (Wichita State University), Kristin Upah (St. Ambrose University), Maryia Denisenko (University of Illinois-Chicago), Natalie Park (University of Cincinnati), Kate Amsden (Duke University), Zachary Rethorn (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga), Allison Jack (University of Texas Southwestern), Lori Georganna (Herzing University), David Pastrana (University of Pittsburgh), & Ellie Miller (Medical University of South Carolina).

Prospective Students
Members: Eryn Daniel (Boston University), Nick Hasert (University of North Dakota), Matthew Gratton (University of St. Francis), Lauren Curatolo (University of Pittsburgh), Meghan Dawson (University of St. Augustine), Elizabeth Nixon (UNC - Chapel Hill), Lola Adeyeye (Prospective Student), David O’Neill (Prospective Student), & Albert Wong (University of Indianapolis).

SPTA Relations:
Mission: This committee serves to enhance the SPTA experience by investigating and facilitating involvement opportunities within APTA and its sections. This committee will work to increase communication and collaboration between SPT and SPTA membership through existing and newly developed efforts. This committee will focus on strengthening, educating, and promoting current SPTA members within APTA.

Member: Tyler King (Chattahoochee Technical College; Chair), Albert Wong (University of Indianapolis), Derek Wasson (Lanier Technical College), Christopher Hope (UNC - Chapel Hill), John Jay Mercado (Pima Medical Institute), Lindsay Epling (Anne Arundel Community College), & Emily Olson (Mt. Hood Community College).

Mission: Support the development of Student Special Interest Groups within APTA components by encouraging the students and component leadership to work together. This committee will help build connections between PT and PTA program class officers, core ambassadors, and chapter leadership to facilitate a larger regional community of resources.

Members: Maddie Williams (Medical University of South Carolina; Chair), Ademola Giwa (University of Scranton; Chair), Stephani Berg (University of Southern California), Maryjean Starr (University of Pittsburgh), Daniel DiPaola (University of Scranton), Leslie Padget (Regis University), Jennifer Fath (Angelo State University), Chase Miller (Rockhurst University), Tracy Roy (Simmons College), Megan Roos (Pacific University), & Cori Oliver (MGH Institute of Health Professions).

ACAPT Liaison:
Karen Claunch (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Foundation Liaison:
Yasmin Broomand (University of St. Augustine)

PTNow Liaison:
Connie Hutchins (University of Southern California)

PT-PAC Liaison:
TJ Janicky (Rutgers University)

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