Host a Practice Visit

Hosting a practice visit with legislators is an alternative to visiting Washington, DC, or your state capitol, where constituents rarely get more than 10 or 15 minutes to explain their issue and often come away from their long-awaited meeting wondering if their message was really heard and understood.

Your physical therapy practice in an environment that can be much more conducive to educating policy makers on the issues that affect PTs, PTAs, and their patients. It may seem commonplace to you, but to a legislator or policy maker with only a general awareness of the profession it is an amazing classroom — the "front line" where complex health care policy meets the realities of face-to-face, hands-on care that individual patients need to maintain their health. When you invite your legislators into your practice, you bring them into personal contact with the profession of physical therapy. Even more important, you bring them into personal contact with your patients — their constituents — who know the benefits of physical therapy firsthand and can be some of the strongest advocates for PT issues.

This guide provides valuable advice on how to arrange, conduct, and follow up on a successful practice visit. It includes sample letters, forms, and press releases to help you get started. Please contact with any questions.

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