The Loop Communiation Network

Loop Communication Network

The Loop Communication Network (LCN) is the network that the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) uses to communicate information with and receive feedback from physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students nationwide.

E-mails from the SABoD, chapters, and sections are sent to core ambassadors, who send them to faculty contacts at each school in their state, who send them to member and nonmember students.

Why Is This Necessary?

We know what you're thinking: this is a long game of telephone. You're right. However, it is APTA's only resource that allows us to reach all students in the nation, regardless of their membership status. While many opportunities are only available to APTA members, we want to be sure all students know how they can become involved with APTA and support our profession. The LCN also allows us to directly reach faculty, who help us bring opportunities to the classroom!

How Do I Receive LCN E-mails?

If you are not currently receiving emails through the Loop Communication Network, please contact your Student Assembly Board of Directors Vice President.

LCN Construction

The LCN includes the following groups:


The Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) are elected each year by fellow students National Student Conclave (NSC).

The SABoD:

  • Serves as the "voice" within APTA for all PT and PTA students.
  • Focuses on issues relating to us, the students.

Core Ambassadors

Core Ambassadors (CAs) are the primary links between the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) and PT and PTA students in each state.


  • Implement strategies and initiatives to promote student engagement.
  • Create awareness of advocacy efforts at the state and national levels.
  • Provide students with opportunities to increase involvement within APTA.

Program Contacts

A Program Contact is any willing faculty and students at each PT and PTA program in the state.

Program Contacts:

  • Serve as a point of contact for Core Ambassadors and the Student Assembly Board of Directors.
  • Send information from the Core Ambassador's to all students within their respective PT/PTA program.
  • Engage students in their programs to become involved in opportunities available to the Student Assembly at the state and national level.

Involvement in the LCN

Want to serve on the SABoD or as your state Core Ambassador? Check out the Get Involved page for more details on how to volunteer for each position.


Contact the Student Assembly Vice President at

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