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The Loop

The Loop represents a movement of students who are finding their interests, getting involved, and getting informed about the challenges and opportunities facing physical therapy.

Find Your Interest!

APTA members work in many different capacities and tap various volunteer opportunities. Not sure how to get started? Find your interest by checking out ways to become more active in APTA.

Read The Pulse

The Student Assembly Pulse is written by students for students. Each month, this e-news publication provides student members with recent and helpful information about upcoming conferences, scholarships, government affairs news, and more. Students have the opportunity to catch up on the latest news about physical therapy as it specifically relates to them.

Connect Through Social Media

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? So are we! "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter to know what's going on with student members of APTA. You can also search hashtags such as "#DPTstudent," “#PTAstudent," and "#XchangeSA" for conversations, photos, and links from different events; information about student-driven initiatives; tweet chats; and more. This is a perfect way to find your interest and get connected with others!

Join a Specialty Section

Check out one or more of the 18 specialty sections. Student members can join sections at a discounted rate, giving you the chance to figure out which sections you like best before having to pay full section dues. Learn more about and choose your section today!

Contact Your State Chapter

Sometimes it’s easier to find your interest by initially getting involved at the local and state levels. Many students attend events, find volunteer opportunities, meet mentors, and develop strong leadership skills by first getting involved with their state chapter. Contact your state chapter to find out what’s going on in your area.

Discover APTA's Governance Structure

Learn about the leadership and structure of APTA and its components. Students can also learn how policy is shaped by watching the House of Delegates meeting or serving as an usher. The House of Delegates is the policy-making body of APTA, composed of voting delegates (including delegates from each chapter) and nonvoting delegates (including the Student Assembly).

Can't Find Your Interest? Attend a National Conference!

One of the best ways to find areas in which you are interested is to attend a national conference. APTA has 3 key conferences: CSM, NEXT, and—just for students—National Student Conclave (NSC). Attending a conference will provide you with access to all areas of our profession and practice. You also can attend conferences at your local and state levels. Look for more information from your state chapter.


Contact Student Assembly Executive Director, Lisa McLaughlin, at

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