The Loop: Get Informed

The Loop

The Loop represents a movement of students who are finding their interests, getting involved, and getting informed about the challenges and opportunities facing physical therapy.

Get Informed!

There are many ways to stay up to date with the latest opportunities, news, and initiatives within the physical therapy profession. Find the one that best suits you!

Loop Communication Network (LCN)

The LCN is the network that the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD) uses to communicate information, share opportunities and news, and receive feedback from PT and PTA students nationwide. It relies heavily on the support of Core Ambassadors in each state. Learn more about the LCN and make sure you are receiving these vital e-mails.

The Student Assembly Pulse

The Student Assembly Pulse is written by students for students. It provides recent and helpful information about upcoming conferences and scholarships, as well as government affairs news and more, to student members every month. The Pulse is delivered to all student members via e-mail near the first of every month! Access past issues of The Pulse.

Social Media

"Like" the Student Assembly on Facebook, and "follow" the Student Assembly on Twitter. Be sure to search the hashtags "#DPTstudent," "#PTAstudent," and "#XchangeSA" to stay up to date on events and issues concerning you. Many chapters and sections also have social media accounts.

Talk With a Student Assembly Board Member on Google Hangouts

Connect with elected SABoD members on Google Hangouts. Find out how you can increase your activity within APTA and make a difference for your profession. Contact SABoD today to set up a time to meet!

Move Forward

Learn about the physical therapy brand, including what it does for the profession, how to share this information with the public, and how it can help build you as a professional. You could even be a Brand Champion and inform others about the profession of physical therapy!

Specialty Sections

Want to learn more about specialty areas of practice? Join the appropriate section and receive its e-mail updates and publications. Some sections provide additional resources and courses to further your knowledge.


Find out what's happening in your area by connecting with your state chapter. Many chapters send messages about upcoming events and activities via e-mail and social media. Visit your chapter’s website to stay up to date on what's happening in your area.


Contact Student Assembly Executive Director, Lisa McLaughlin, at

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